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D & K Texas Family Dentistry

5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

By Jamie
“Dr. Jivnani and his staff are awesome. They truly make the experience great. They understand how important and sometimes expensive dentistry can be, and really help make teeth healthy. All the ladies are so caring, and constantly check in to see if I need anything. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a dentist. He is THE BEST.”


– Jamie

By Brad
Professional and friendly staff! The work I had done was exceptionally better than any other dentist I have seen in the past. My family and I will continue to use him in the future!


– Brad

By Manish
I have seen Dr. Jivnani numerous times in past few years. Every single time I have had a great experience. He is very friendly and has the best staff. As far as I remember, no one has left from his staff since I have started seeing him. To me this means they enjoy working here.


– Manish

By Anna
He is very confident and good at his job. My family and I count on Dr. Jivnani all the time, and he has never let us down. I highly recommend this dentist.


– Anna

By Lana

This guy is great! His whole staff was such a pleasure to work with! The technology was current. They were thorough. Most importantly, I felt like he was being very honest with his diagnosis. He leans towards being conservative, which is nice. I have been ‘taken’ by a dentist before, and he is not like that at all. Thank you, Dr. Jivnani, for a great dental experience!

– Lana

By Beej
Dr. Jivnani treats my whole family, and I can attest to it that he is one of the finest persons you will meet in terms of integrity and quality. Both are important in dentistry, as there are lots of gray areas when recommending treatment. I trust him.


– Beej

By Poonam
Dr. Jivnani is a must-see for anyone with serious dental issues or all your routine dental needs. My previous dentist was great but unable to really help me the way Dr. Jivnani has. I appreciate him for his patience and the beautiful smile I’m wearing today. It is so important to maintain good dental health, and I know that the Bobby Jivnani crew is helping me do that!


– Poonam