COVID-19 And Our Commitment To Your Safety

At Bobby Jivnani, DDS – Dental clinic here in Plano we are committed to providing the top dental care without compromises in safety. Of course, this means we have to take extra special care in how we deliver that care. To meet or exceed CDC and ADA guidelines, we have implemented the following extra precautions. 

Whole Family Appointments

We can schedule your whole family visit at once. This can help you reduce the number of trips out of your home. 

Extended Appointments

We are offering extended appointments that allow us to accomplish more work in a single visit so that you are less likely to need multiple visits. 

Reduced Appointments

We have cut the number of patients we accept in a day down significantly. This allows us time in between appointments to reduce or eliminate overlap and follow extra sterilization protocols. 

Staff Safety Training

All of our staff, both administrative and clinical receive additional training in COVID safety.

Staff Health Checks

Each day, our staff will have temperature checks and verify they are able to help provide safe care. 

Staff Hygiene Standards

Our staff are keeping their hair short or gathered up. Their nails are being kept short and they are not wearing jewelry for even fewer places for germs to hide. 

Patient Screening

Every patient undergoes a temperature check and a quick questionnaire. 

Patient Hand Sanitizing

Every patient will be provided hand sanitizer and asked to use it before entering the treatment area. 

Extended Treatment Area Cleaning

After each patient visit, we disinfect and clean the whole treatment area. 

CDC-Approved Instrument Sterilization

This of course has always standard practice. However, extra care is taken to be sure that no instrument is compromised after being heat and pressure sterilization. 

N95 & ASTM Level 3 Masks + Face Shields

Our dentist, assistants and hygienists wear double protection masks plus face shields.

ASTM Level 3 Masks at Front Desk

Our admin staff will also be wearing level 3 masks for your protection. 

No Handshakes

We love to meet new patients. But our friendly staff are keeping contact and proximity restricted to within the controlled clinical setting for now. 

Disposable Protection Outer Wear

In some cases, our staff my wear disposable medical outer wear for reducing the chances of airborne particles clinging to clothing. 

We are committed to supporting you, your family, and our community in continuing the best dental care while keeping each other safe. After all, we’re all in this together. 

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